Sunday, November 14, 2010

Henry's Christening

So we did the splishy splashy on young Henry's head. It was very lovely, made even more lovely when Jemma turned up to the church wearing a fox fur. Then on quite a wet day we had around 80 guests in our house for the rainbow after party.

So remembering the inspiration board that I had done previously, these are some images from the day. 

The rainbow jelly, I must say was my crowning glory. It took me about four days and had five different flavour levels. The rainbow cake would be a close second, with vanilla cake in the clouds and rainbow cake in the rainbow.

Other things that I loved from the day where, the home made sherbert that I made for the goodie bags (if you don't like your kids having sugar NEVER bring them to my place), the polka dot streamers and the thousand and one uses for the simple 100s and 1000s. They where on cakes, fairy bread, lollies and of course the floor.

I also liked using Henry's toys for decorations. It added to the other decorations, such as the polka dot steamers and the paper pom poms, that could have been for any party such as an engagement, bridal shower or even a wedding and were a reminder that this is a party for a baby.

With help from friends and family all the elements came together. I had a friend hunting down rainbow lollipops, tall friends putting up pom poms and Nanna looking after Henry so that I could put everything where I wanted, because lets face it, little boys make pulling a party together much harder.

Thanks to all my helpers, but thanks most of all to Henry for coming into Mummy and Daddy's life, we love you heaps. 

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  1. It turned out great! I LOVE the cake...wish I could have been there to snag a piece! Happy christening, baby Henry!