Monday, November 8, 2010

The New Aussie Gold Rush Online

Well hello to the new and improved Australia dollar!!! The best thing about the strong aussie dollar for us is shopping online. Well I'm sure it means other stuff for the econmy as well, but that means little to me.

For brides this is a great time to buy those things that you have been looking at online, but that are not available in Australia. This could be little but beautiful details from Etsy...or designer pieces that are a couple of hundred dollars more expensive in Australia.

The things that you need to look out for are that the website will except an Australian credit card, as some don't and that the postage does not out weight the savings you are making.

After looking at Emily and Tito's Etsy Crazed Wedding I thought I might have a bit of a twirl about the site and see what I could find.

Set of 10 Mastache Props from Wisker Works' Shop on esty for $95 USD and $10 USD postage.


200 Edible Gold Bat for Sweet Deja vu. They are made of wafer rice paper and with stick to a varity of different surfaces using a little corn syrup. For $30USD and only $2USD postage they are a little detail that everyone will remeber.
If bats aren't you thing there are butterflies, dragonflies and danty edible lace dollies. 

Or how about a Vintage 50's dress from Animal Head Vintage as a unique bridesmaids dress. This one you can wear strapless or it also has a sheath which has wonderful bow details on the sholders and buttons on the back. It is $150 USD plus $18USD for postage.
Happy online shopping.

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