Friday, November 5, 2010

Emily and Tito - More Images

So you've had a little taste of Emily and Tito's Wedding and now it's time to binge. But lets start with a few particulars about the pair.

Emily and Tito meet when Emily travelled to Paraguay to teach English to little Paraguayan people. Tito's family where lovely enough to  become Emily's host family, for the six months she was to be there. It's was revealed at the wedding by Tito's mother, that when Tito first heard they were to be hosting an Australian girl, he passionately stated that he was not going to be driving some exchange chick around. This was until he saw Emily.It wasn't long before mutual affection bloomed and Tito was more than happy to drive Emily where ever she wanted, and Emily was inventing reason to be taken places.  

After almost out-staying her visa, Emily returned to Australia. Tito braved the modern day equivalent of a dragon (Immigration Australia), and followed Emily to Sydney where they have been living happily ever since.

As a beautiful little foot note, Emily and Tito's first kiss was at a wedding. Emily and Tito's wedding was on that exact same date, six years later. Too cute!

Now the photos and some details to follow. 

Even Little Miss Emily will admit she may have gone a bit Etsy mad. I feel guilty being as I  was the one who showed her this website, but on the upside she did get a wonderful wedding out of it. The soft ruffled bolero Em is wearing is from an Etsy store called Toccata and the boys buttons holes are from Brydferth. Other items brought on Etsy include glass bottles, bird shaped soap, bridesmaid jewellery, candles, almond eggs, chocolate eggs, ribbon and the list goes on.

The wedding ceremony was held at the Catholic Church in Sutton Forest and the reception was at Eling Forest Winery. Emily's dress is by Jennifer Regan at Embryo and she found her feather headpiece at a vintage fair in Sydney.

Photography was by Amanda Mac in the Southern Highlands, including the photo below of Emily and a very pregnant me. I don't always look so short. It killed me not to be able to wear high heels...bloody swollen feet!

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