Topsie and Susie is the collaboration between sisters Cassie Nguyen and Jemma Dickson. It is as yet undefined what the entire blog/endeavour will entail, but what we do know is that we love weddings, parties and pretty things in general. We want to take this passion into a realm of everyday life. We want a chance to help people who need a hand figuring out what they want and how to achieve that. Whether it’s a wedding, a lounge room or a cod shaped Christmas cake we want to be a place to look at for ideas, inspiration and organisation.

Jemma! (SUSIE) I studied a bachelor of visual arts at The University of Sydney, Sydney College of the Arts, majoring in Jellewery and Object design. I have a passion for making and thinking in 3D. I have a nostalgic style. I like a vinnies bargain or a market score and recently have discovered the dazzling heights of auction buys. I like things with a past or a history and using those items in a setting where they are still recognised as treasures. I have a love for textiles and collect fabric for a reason still to be discovered.

Cassie! (TOPSIE) My interest in design and my appreciation of visual qualities was born from my obsession with magazines. I love the shiny pages that burst with colour and beauty, whether it's a fashion magazine, an interior magazine or a wedding magazine. During the 12 months of organising my wedding I procured more than 50 wedding magazines. I have a habit of collecting, I have close to 1000 bouncy balls, over 500 Schleich toy animals, and funnily enough every Vogue that has been printed Australia and the UK for the last 4 years. I give birth to my first baby in May, but prior to this I had been working with people with disabilities for 7 years. I believe this has given me a skill for interpreting people's ideas, even when they're not sure what they are. I love the finer points to any visual scene, and believe that a composition is made or broken with small details.

Why the business is called Topsie and Susie? When we were little our Grandpa nicknamed us Topsie and Susie. We found out later in life that this was more than likely due to the fact that Grandpa couldn’t remember our actual names. So when we decided to start this adventure, down dream come true road, we wondered whether Cassie and Jemma was a catchy enough name to bring us the gold bullion that we crave. Opinion poll says no. So after much back and forth our pseudonyms were decided on as the better option. It just has a better ring to it.   
When it comes to planning we envisage being able to help at different stages, for different people. We want our level of involvement to be determined by the needs of the couple. if it's simply the idea for a cool bonbonniere, or everything from the venue to the colour of the grooms shoe laces, we want to offer a service that makes an important event a unique and tailored occassion.