Thursday, November 18, 2010

I want that one!

Aire Barcelona have so many different and varied bridal dresses that you could get lost on the site and be gone for days. If you decide to have a wonder around it, make sure you tell a loved one where you are going and when to expect you back.

I think this is puffy and fluffy done right. This particular dress is from the 2011 collection and is called the Nazar. I think she is elegant and whimsical at the same time, which is hard to do. She is soft and feminine, but just look at it.... how could you not have fun in this dress?!?!?!

I most definitely want that one and I'll take the models waist too.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pennies and Pounds

Or in this case, thousands, pennies, pounds and threepence. I went a little bit nuts, mainly because I wanted to show you as many sparkly things as I could, as today's post is all about earrings. Jewellery can add that extra splash of personality to a wedding outfit that makes everyone know that you're still you under that veil and in that dress. The earrings below are glamorous and elegant and very in price from $69 to $795,000, and all but those that would need to be delivered in an armoured vehicle can be bought online!

Let's start at the higher end:
These beauties are sparkle central, with 6.21carots of Brilliant, Marquise and Pear cut 
diamonds, and come with a price tag of $795,000 from Tiffany and Co. . They're not a reality for most, but maybe if Kate Middleton doesn't make it down the isle and you get in there, or maybe you can capture Michael Clarke's heart (we know he has a tendency to over spend at Tiffany's), than these puppies might be worth considering... otherwise...

What about saving for something like this (or max out a credit card... I'm not a financial advisor, I wont tell you not to). These earring show a simple elegance that lets the Brilliant cut diamonds and platinum speak for them selves. They can be bought on line for $5800 from Tiffany and Co. They come in a blue box... they could be they something blue... But if you're thinking, come on be realistic what about..... 

Something stunning like these pendant earrings from Swarovski for $225. These earring have everything you could want, sparkle, design and dangle. The shape is elegant and unusual and would be perfect for any style wedding from vintage style to modern. But if you really are looking for a bargain...  

You can't go past these. For $69 from Brides Unlimited, you have to admit you're getting a bargain. These earrings have all the sparkle and charm of any of the above, but come with a realistic price tag. They have a classic shape and would look stunning on anyone, and at such a good price, your money can be spent on other important things... like champagne...  

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Henry's Christening

So we did the splishy splashy on young Henry's head. It was very lovely, made even more lovely when Jemma turned up to the church wearing a fox fur. Then on quite a wet day we had around 80 guests in our house for the rainbow after party.

So remembering the inspiration board that I had done previously, these are some images from the day. 

The rainbow jelly, I must say was my crowning glory. It took me about four days and had five different flavour levels. The rainbow cake would be a close second, with vanilla cake in the clouds and rainbow cake in the rainbow.

Other things that I loved from the day where, the home made sherbert that I made for the goodie bags (if you don't like your kids having sugar NEVER bring them to my place), the polka dot streamers and the thousand and one uses for the simple 100s and 1000s. They where on cakes, fairy bread, lollies and of course the floor.

I also liked using Henry's toys for decorations. It added to the other decorations, such as the polka dot steamers and the paper pom poms, that could have been for any party such as an engagement, bridal shower or even a wedding and were a reminder that this is a party for a baby.

With help from friends and family all the elements came together. I had a friend hunting down rainbow lollipops, tall friends putting up pom poms and Nanna looking after Henry so that I could put everything where I wanted, because lets face it, little boys make pulling a party together much harder.

Thanks to all my helpers, but thanks most of all to Henry for coming into Mummy and Daddy's life, we love you heaps. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I want that one!

Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby
arhhh haa arhh haa arhh arhh.
Do ya? Do ya? Do ya? Do ya?

Do you Ever! This satin maiden is so clearly one of Johanna Johnson's creations. She is a marvel when working with fabrics such as this heavy satin and is the queen of the drape, getting fabric to fall in ways that  are so natural and elegant.

This particular dress is called "The Ruby" (hence the Kaiser Chiefs reference above) and is just that little bit different for that bride who doesn't want the standard wedding dress, but still wants to feel like a real girly girl.

You can bet that you will be seeing more of Johanna Johnson's line in future "I want that ones"!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The New Aussie Gold Rush Online

Well hello to the new and improved Australia dollar!!! The best thing about the strong aussie dollar for us is shopping online. Well I'm sure it means other stuff for the econmy as well, but that means little to me.

For brides this is a great time to buy those things that you have been looking at online, but that are not available in Australia. This could be little but beautiful details from Etsy...or designer pieces that are a couple of hundred dollars more expensive in Australia.

The things that you need to look out for are that the website will except an Australian credit card, as some don't and that the postage does not out weight the savings you are making.

After looking at Emily and Tito's Etsy Crazed Wedding I thought I might have a bit of a twirl about the site and see what I could find.

Set of 10 Mastache Props from Wisker Works' Shop on esty for $95 USD and $10 USD postage.


200 Edible Gold Bat for Sweet Deja vu. They are made of wafer rice paper and with stick to a varity of different surfaces using a little corn syrup. For $30USD and only $2USD postage they are a little detail that everyone will remeber.
If bats aren't you thing there are butterflies, dragonflies and danty edible lace dollies. 

Or how about a Vintage 50's dress from Animal Head Vintage as a unique bridesmaids dress. This one you can wear strapless or it also has a sheath which has wonderful bow details on the sholders and buttons on the back. It is $150 USD plus $18USD for postage.
Happy online shopping.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Emily and Tito - More Images

So you've had a little taste of Emily and Tito's Wedding and now it's time to binge. But lets start with a few particulars about the pair.

Emily and Tito meet when Emily travelled to Paraguay to teach English to little Paraguayan people. Tito's family where lovely enough to  become Emily's host family, for the six months she was to be there. It's was revealed at the wedding by Tito's mother, that when Tito first heard they were to be hosting an Australian girl, he passionately stated that he was not going to be driving some exchange chick around. This was until he saw Emily.It wasn't long before mutual affection bloomed and Tito was more than happy to drive Emily where ever she wanted, and Emily was inventing reason to be taken places.  

After almost out-staying her visa, Emily returned to Australia. Tito braved the modern day equivalent of a dragon (Immigration Australia), and followed Emily to Sydney where they have been living happily ever since.

As a beautiful little foot note, Emily and Tito's first kiss was at a wedding. Emily and Tito's wedding was on that exact same date, six years later. Too cute!

Now the photos and some details to follow. 

Even Little Miss Emily will admit she may have gone a bit Etsy mad. I feel guilty being as I  was the one who showed her this website, but on the upside she did get a wonderful wedding out of it. The soft ruffled bolero Em is wearing is from an Etsy store called Toccata and the boys buttons holes are from Brydferth. Other items brought on Etsy include glass bottles, bird shaped soap, bridesmaid jewellery, candles, almond eggs, chocolate eggs, ribbon and the list goes on.

The wedding ceremony was held at the Catholic Church in Sutton Forest and the reception was at Eling Forest Winery. Emily's dress is by Jennifer Regan at Embryo and she found her feather headpiece at a vintage fair in Sydney.

Photography was by Amanda Mac in the Southern Highlands, including the photo below of Emily and a very pregnant me. I don't always look so short. It killed me not to be able to wear high heels...bloody swollen feet!