Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cameo Lover Wedding

Have you met Kimbra? If not you must, you must, you must!!!!! I loved this song (Cameo Lover)when I heard it on the Triple J, but when I saw the film clip on rage, I could have died! I watched it over and over again on YouTube and decided that my next wedding would be a Kimbra wedding.

Now check out the awesome Kimbra with Cameo Lover.

Stills via Deer du Bois

So here is my Cameo Lover inspiration board. I think I have successfully turned an adorable film clip into a really workable wedding style and my favourite inspiration board yet. It just goes to show that inspiration can come from anywhere.

Tea length Wedding Dress from BHLAN, Confetti Kisses via Dandy Lion,
Vail from Sara Gabriel.
Prada Shoes, Flower girl via
Bouquet via Floral Verde, School desks via A Design Mafia,
Letter press invite via Pinterest.
Chuck Base, Pastel Dress via Le petite Coquin.

I totally looked into confetti cannons and they are not too bad at all. You can get 3 for $60.50 from Party Supplies Now and they are just hand held cardboard tubes, stuffed with confetti with compressed air to back it up. It would be amazing for your first dance. And speaking of dancing, are those Prada shoes not made for dancing?!?!?! I will have one pair please, only $750 USD from here.

Thank You Kimbra for my new Happy Song!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Baby Shower

I was so happy to help out with this shower, for the beautiful first time mum Aprill. Aprill's good friends Lucy and Fee held the party, but both said they had no idea what a shower involved or where to start. So we started with themes, games and activities. You can see our planning and the inspiration board I created for her here

Lucy and Fee took care of the food, and I brought my box of things and a small baby and set up. Lucy is an artist and a has a lovely home full of stunning art and beautiful objects that made everything I had done look so much cooler.

The ladies who attended took on the activities with enthusiasm and gusto. Creating delightful jumpsuits and some not so delightful predictions of what this little boy is looing to look like.  

 Fee, Aprill and Lucy.

The day was quite lovely and it was a pleasure to be apart of it.
Good Luck Aprill and I will definitely post when baby arrives.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kate and Wills Party

Are you really that surprised to Find out that we are the kind of people who had a Kate and Wills Wedding party?!?!

This is what we whipped up in a day with a printer and things I had around the house(yes I had a vintage Union Jack flag in a box in the garage). Please note my wedding dress in the background, will I use any excuse to get it out, or what!

It was great fun sitting around with all the girls. Checking out the outfits and hats (more on that later...)and giggling alike you are 14 again. And it was nice to have something happy that everyone stopped and watched the TV for, as it has been a while since that has happened. The finale of MasterChef season 1 to be precise.

Now the dresses......

Image via OK Magazine

I loved them both. I think that Kate's dress by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, was exactly what it needed to be and Pippa dress, by the same designer, althought it is very sexy and white did not overshadow Kate's at all. 

As for these two... 

Image via Vogue

I think they have balls. They made brave choices, Eugenie in Vivienne Westwood and Beatrice in Valentino Haute Couture, both in Philip Treacy creations. They may have taken many hits for they outfits but they where fashion forward and once again, brave when they could have played it safe. And lets face it, I would step over my sister's dead boby for that Valentino coat.