Sunday, July 17, 2011

Henry's Library Party

Henry's birthday was a blast! It was hard work getting over the finish line but we did and it was well worth it. My little boy had a big day (with multiple costume changes) and more book fun than you can poke a stick at!

Henry started the day in his traditional Vietnamese get-up and then the book nerd came out with his cardie and black frame glasses (a stapler would have come in handy trying to keep those on).

When buying things for the party I quickly came to the conclusion that even with the book theme I still wanted a colour theme. I chose dark green and navy blue and went with traditional patterns like hound and tooth and tartan to keep it preppy and bookish.

The cake and food turned out super cute and tasty. When I was just happy with cute, tasty was a bonus. We had the Very Hunger Caterpillar cake and Green Sheep cookies. The Green Eggs and Ham turned out great and I even forced my sister to sit there and draw on trunks for my Fairy Floss Truffula Trees. George's  Marvelous Medicine punch on the other hand looked gross but tasted great. 

I made a kids book cover bunting with iron on transfers that I just loved and is now in Henry's nursery. It is just so colourful and happy and reminds me of his birthday every time I open his door.

All the kids also decorated they own library bags with the iron transfers. I used Aprill Baby Shower as a practice and it went really smoothly every with 5 year olds wielding the iron. Each kid was also given a personalized bookmark thanking them for coming.

I set up a reading corner that I really thought would just be props, but was pleasantly surprised when it was used by more than one kid. The ball pit on the other hand was used by every kid, young and old.

Thanks to all that helped and all that came. It was a great day and the photos don't do justice to the fun had on the day. Without you lovely people Henry would not have had such a lovely day.xxxxxx

Monday, July 11, 2011

Where have you been all my life?

Dear Listeners,

We have received many letters from our fans requesting for the return of our tasty post. And much like tubes (the chip) we are back by popular demand.
Many apologies for our overly long hiatus, but we have been busy.

Topsie and Susie has spent the last month or so planning the grand opening of our hire service.
What is this hire service I hear you ask? Let me paint a picture to explain:
You are planning a wedding, and while considering the decorations there are many items that you'd like to employ; Vintage trunks, crystal vases, typewriters, giant jenga sets, picnic baskets, antique bottles. You think "Yay, I've figured out my style, now I just need to source the items". So you start looking at antique shops and eBay and vintage fairs, and you start to add up the dollars and figure out that your second and vintage style is really expensive, on top of this what on earth are you going to do with 150 antique books and a croquette set after the big day. Then a brain wave, hire the junk! So you look at the big name hire places that you might be getting your chairs from, but every thing they have is modern and totally not you. So you fall into a heap and cry because it's just not going to be the same if you don't have tiger face masks for you photos. But luckily you have a brilliant bridesmaid that has been researching for you and have found you a dream come true: Topsie and Susie bridal and event decoration hire - AKA Topsie and Susie's Junk to borrow (working title).
We have everything you would need to create your unique wedding. Decorations, Items of interest and activities for guest.
So we are currently building our stock and working on our catalogue and will be getting it to our dear listeners very soon.
If this peaks your interest, please email us and we can discuss your events style and see what we have that would suit.
For the moment, below are a small selection of our glassware collection. I've used plants that can be found readily during winter.