Monday, December 13, 2010

First impressions are always in paper

The Invitation.
The Invitation for most is the first impression people will have of your wedding. It gives the all important details such as when and where, but it also gives a sense of your style as a couple. If it's handmade and kitschie or if it's designed and elegant, it's a presentation of what is to follow on the day. Below are a couple of different examples on some really cool invites.  

Hand made from cut up maps, this invite declairs a vintage style from the envelope and beyond. The font is also importand as it gives a sense of playfulness from the outset. I think it says "Hey we're Tom and Maggie and we don't take life seriously".  

This retro stunner has a designed elegance. The bold colours reminiscent of 70's curtins (in a good way, as if there's a bad way) make you think "Natalie and Jeff know they're groovey, so we think they are too". 

This invite is totally david met nicole and would be a great invite for that totally old school couple. This invite can be ordered online from Pretty Rustic 's etsy store for $4 a pop. With heaps of other designs and sellers on etsy, it might be worth getting lost in there to find something totally you.

And for something completely different, that I love with all my heart, for the funny people, why not have a couple with lampshades on their heads. From Invitation Consultants for $1.55 each when buying 100, I think it's a bargan for sending out a big chuckle.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nathalie and Anibal

For the last four years I have been hearing about the wedding of a life time. A wedding to end all weddings. The wedding that lasted a whole weekend. A festival of a wedding even. Problem is I met the couple three months after their wedding.
Meet Nathalie and Anibal Altamiranda, my favourite multi-nationality couple. Nathalie is half French Canadian half Italian and Anibal is Panamanian, this meaning, best skin tones ever for ivory satin.
Nathalie and Anibal met over ten years before they got married. The story goes that when Anibal was 17 he's parents had decided to move, and in the process inspected the house across the road from where Nathalie was living. While they were inspecting the property Anibal spied Nat getting into her car, and decided that this is were the family needed to move. He was successful in convincing his parents to move there, and ended up being successful in convincing Nat to marry him years down the track.

They were married in Kangaroo Valley in NSW and the Green Gum Cabins. They were aiming for a wedding that would be a celebration, a party for themselves and all their guests. They had 160 guests altogether, 40 of them travelling internationally to enjoy the weekend long festivities.

The couple were after a simple and elegant look that really gave a sense of joy. Nat had a bouquet of sunflowers and this flower was carried through the wedding as a splash of brightness in the clean crispness of the white linen and natural green of their surrounds. 

Nat's magnificent dress was custom made by Analyse Marano from ivory satin and lace. Her magnificent booty is all her own.

The secluded surrounds gave everyone the chance to take full advantage of family being around and everyone was able to spend the weekend enjoying each others company... as well as a refrigerated truck full of wine.

I think Anibal and Nat had the right idea. A wedding should be a party, and a party I should have been invited to.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Colourful Shoe

The colourful shoe is, in my books, the best trend in wedding now days. And it is a trend I wish I had followed.

For my wedding I had the most beautiful Christian Louboutin satin shoes that where by far the best shoes I have ever owned. It surprised me how great they where on my feet. My feet still killed, but that is going to happen in any shoe when you stand and pose for that long. There was not a blister or a pinch to be found on my foot.

The issue is, when the hell am I going to wear white satin shoes again? If I had my time over again I would have picked something bright or fancy or over the top, because then I could at least have worn them again with a little black dress.

These drop dead stunning Yves Saint Laurent Palais leather pumps from Net-A-Porter are my choice for my next wedding. That striking fuchsia is top to toe on the shoe and would look  awesome in photos.
Now I just need to figure out how I can have a second wedding to the same guy?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I want that one!

Aire Barcelona have so many different and varied bridal dresses that you could get lost on the site and be gone for days. If you decide to have a wonder around it, make sure you tell a loved one where you are going and when to expect you back.

I think this is puffy and fluffy done right. This particular dress is from the 2011 collection and is called the Nazar. I think she is elegant and whimsical at the same time, which is hard to do. She is soft and feminine, but just look at it.... how could you not have fun in this dress?!?!?!

I most definitely want that one and I'll take the models waist too.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pennies and Pounds

Or in this case, thousands, pennies, pounds and threepence. I went a little bit nuts, mainly because I wanted to show you as many sparkly things as I could, as today's post is all about earrings. Jewellery can add that extra splash of personality to a wedding outfit that makes everyone know that you're still you under that veil and in that dress. The earrings below are glamorous and elegant and very in price from $69 to $795,000, and all but those that would need to be delivered in an armoured vehicle can be bought online!

Let's start at the higher end:
These beauties are sparkle central, with 6.21carots of Brilliant, Marquise and Pear cut 
diamonds, and come with a price tag of $795,000 from Tiffany and Co. . They're not a reality for most, but maybe if Kate Middleton doesn't make it down the isle and you get in there, or maybe you can capture Michael Clarke's heart (we know he has a tendency to over spend at Tiffany's), than these puppies might be worth considering... otherwise...

What about saving for something like this (or max out a credit card... I'm not a financial advisor, I wont tell you not to). These earring show a simple elegance that lets the Brilliant cut diamonds and platinum speak for them selves. They can be bought on line for $5800 from Tiffany and Co. They come in a blue box... they could be they something blue... But if you're thinking, come on be realistic what about..... 

Something stunning like these pendant earrings from Swarovski for $225. These earring have everything you could want, sparkle, design and dangle. The shape is elegant and unusual and would be perfect for any style wedding from vintage style to modern. But if you really are looking for a bargain...  

You can't go past these. For $69 from Brides Unlimited, you have to admit you're getting a bargain. These earrings have all the sparkle and charm of any of the above, but come with a realistic price tag. They have a classic shape and would look stunning on anyone, and at such a good price, your money can be spent on other important things... like champagne...  

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Henry's Christening

So we did the splishy splashy on young Henry's head. It was very lovely, made even more lovely when Jemma turned up to the church wearing a fox fur. Then on quite a wet day we had around 80 guests in our house for the rainbow after party.

So remembering the inspiration board that I had done previously, these are some images from the day. 

The rainbow jelly, I must say was my crowning glory. It took me about four days and had five different flavour levels. The rainbow cake would be a close second, with vanilla cake in the clouds and rainbow cake in the rainbow.

Other things that I loved from the day where, the home made sherbert that I made for the goodie bags (if you don't like your kids having sugar NEVER bring them to my place), the polka dot streamers and the thousand and one uses for the simple 100s and 1000s. They where on cakes, fairy bread, lollies and of course the floor.

I also liked using Henry's toys for decorations. It added to the other decorations, such as the polka dot steamers and the paper pom poms, that could have been for any party such as an engagement, bridal shower or even a wedding and were a reminder that this is a party for a baby.

With help from friends and family all the elements came together. I had a friend hunting down rainbow lollipops, tall friends putting up pom poms and Nanna looking after Henry so that I could put everything where I wanted, because lets face it, little boys make pulling a party together much harder.

Thanks to all my helpers, but thanks most of all to Henry for coming into Mummy and Daddy's life, we love you heaps.