Monday, December 13, 2010

First impressions are always in paper

The Invitation.
The Invitation for most is the first impression people will have of your wedding. It gives the all important details such as when and where, but it also gives a sense of your style as a couple. If it's handmade and kitschie or if it's designed and elegant, it's a presentation of what is to follow on the day. Below are a couple of different examples on some really cool invites.  

Hand made from cut up maps, this invite declairs a vintage style from the envelope and beyond. The font is also importand as it gives a sense of playfulness from the outset. I think it says "Hey we're Tom and Maggie and we don't take life seriously".  

This retro stunner has a designed elegance. The bold colours reminiscent of 70's curtins (in a good way, as if there's a bad way) make you think "Natalie and Jeff know they're groovey, so we think they are too". 

This invite is totally david met nicole and would be a great invite for that totally old school couple. This invite can be ordered online from Pretty Rustic 's etsy store for $4 a pop. With heaps of other designs and sellers on etsy, it might be worth getting lost in there to find something totally you.

And for something completely different, that I love with all my heart, for the funny people, why not have a couple with lampshades on their heads. From Invitation Consultants for $1.55 each when buying 100, I think it's a bargan for sending out a big chuckle.

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