Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nathalie and Anibal

For the last four years I have been hearing about the wedding of a life time. A wedding to end all weddings. The wedding that lasted a whole weekend. A festival of a wedding even. Problem is I met the couple three months after their wedding.
Meet Nathalie and Anibal Altamiranda, my favourite multi-nationality couple. Nathalie is half French Canadian half Italian and Anibal is Panamanian, this meaning, best skin tones ever for ivory satin.
Nathalie and Anibal met over ten years before they got married. The story goes that when Anibal was 17 he's parents had decided to move, and in the process inspected the house across the road from where Nathalie was living. While they were inspecting the property Anibal spied Nat getting into her car, and decided that this is were the family needed to move. He was successful in convincing his parents to move there, and ended up being successful in convincing Nat to marry him years down the track.

They were married in Kangaroo Valley in NSW and the Green Gum Cabins. They were aiming for a wedding that would be a celebration, a party for themselves and all their guests. They had 160 guests altogether, 40 of them travelling internationally to enjoy the weekend long festivities.

The couple were after a simple and elegant look that really gave a sense of joy. Nat had a bouquet of sunflowers and this flower was carried through the wedding as a splash of brightness in the clean crispness of the white linen and natural green of their surrounds. 

Nat's magnificent dress was custom made by Analyse Marano from ivory satin and lace. Her magnificent booty is all her own.

The secluded surrounds gave everyone the chance to take full advantage of family being around and everyone was able to spend the weekend enjoying each others company... as well as a refrigerated truck full of wine.

I think Anibal and Nat had the right idea. A wedding should be a party, and a party I should have been invited to.

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