Monday, October 11, 2010

My Little Henry

I have a little boy named Henry and in two weeks time my husband Triet and I are having him christened. I know it is not a wedding, but I loved planning my wedding so much that every opportunity I have to legitimately create an inspiration board and plan events down to every tiny cute pom pom detail, I do just that.

Susie (Aunty Jem) is of course going to be Henry's Godmother, mainly so I can put her to work and I have. For a theme I didn't want anything  religious and I couldn't pick a colour, so I picked them all and we are having a rainbow party. I just love rainbows and with Henry being my first child, having everything in many different bright colours makes them unisex for the next and next and next or just the next if you are talking to Triet.

So this is my inspiration board for Henry's christening. I'm having trouble finding the big lollipops and there will be balloons, my biggest dilemma is making sure it doesn't look like a gay pride parade so I'll need to find something other than my leathers to wear.

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