Monday, October 18, 2010

Emily and Tito

When my wonderful friend Emily told her two sisters that they could pick their own bridesmaids dress as long as it had purple in it, she wasn't sure what she was going to be in for. The two beautiful girls have very different shapes so when they both felt great in the same Charlie Brown long silk floral dress, on what I'm pretty sure was the first day of shopping, is nothing short of a miracle. This issue for Emily then became how to work the dress into her already fixed ideas she had for her wedding. Yes the dresses had some soft lilac purple in it, but it was contrasted with a very vivid green that Emily was not sure what to do with.
After talking to her and because I already knew some of the themes (birds) and ideas (long tables and mix and match vases) she had for her wedding, I created a inspiration board for her to help her visualise how the vivid green could be working in quite elegantly. And here it is.... 

Now here is some beautiful images from Emily and Tito's wedding day and how Emily turned inspiration into a gorgeous reality.

In a few days we will post a couple more picks from this lovely couples wedding.

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