Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's in season

Spring is an amazing time for flowers (obviously...because of all the bees with their stingers and such), and as such, the more exotic of the flowers drop in price and become more readily available.
Which brings me to David Austin Roses:

 Known for their layer after layer of elegantly coloured petals, they're a hybrid rose, developed by, believe it or not, Mr David Austin. They're in season between October and December and are available in many colours, ranging from whites and creams, to dusty and rich pinks, to some very sweet peach tones. They make beautiful additions to a bouquet or are stunning as textual element within a center piece.

I think that David Austin Roses are just dreamy. They remind me of layers of tulle that make dresses puff out... like an upside down petty coats. They'll definitely be making it into my wedding... if it ever happens!

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