Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Aprill's Baby Shower

I love a little baby. And I love using a little baby as an excuse to have a party and see friends. When my friend Lucy, asked for help for a baby shower she was throwing for a first time mum, Aprill, it did not take long for me to verbally hit her with a dozen ideas I have been sitting on since my own Baby Shower.

A few things you should know before checking out the Inspiration board I came up with after talking to Lucy. Aprill is having a little boy and like me Aprills partner is Asian. This means that their little boy will have a Mongolian spot just like Henry. The Mongolian spot looks like (as you will see in the diagram) a large purple/blue bruise on the bums of all Asian (or half Asian) babies. It is too cute and too funny so I included it the board as something to look forward to, baby bums!   

Chocolate milk with paper straws via My Life My Loves, Ribbon and spool via Emma Burgess, Forget me nots.  
Baby Food Jar Planters via Art Projects for Kids, Cadbury's Chocolate, Forget Me Not Cupcakes via I Bake Cupcakes.
Clothes line via Sweetest Occasions, Paper Pom Poms via My Life, My Loves.

Lucy choose a chocolate and blue colour scheme and wanted the day to have an Arty, natural feel. In keeping with the arts and crafts theme, there will be games based around what the baby will look like (lots of scirrors and glue) and Lucy love the ideas of having baby craft that Aprill could keep. 

The shower is coming up in the next few weeks, so come back to check out the photos of the day. 

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