Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I want that one!

This weeks "I want that one" is a bit of a tease. This dress is the work of J-Crew. It's flowy, garden party feel and empire line with detail across the bust, would be great for the more hippy lady or the hour glass figure. This dress and all the other amazing dresses available at J-Crew are between $300 and $3000, and are available through mail order. HOWEVER, not in Australia.

J-Crew States:
"We hope to expand our delivery range to other countries in the near future. If you wish to be notified of when we will be able to ship internationally, please send us an email at containing the word "INTERNATIONAL" in the subject line."

So I think if we all rally together and take 2 minutes to email J-Crew, saying, "Please sir, send to Australia", maybe we can make that "near future", the "near NOW".


  1. You could have one of your awesome American friends buy it for you and then ship it!