Monday, March 28, 2011

How hip do you want your man to be?

It seems that when we plan a wedding, we focus the style primarily on the bride and her vision for what she wants to look like. So the issue is that it takes two to make a wedding day. Unless there's two ladies deciding to make a life long commitment to each other, there is a groom to consider. So Topsie and Susie have decided to do a series of posts to give the man of the day a chance to decide on his style for the day.

Today: Hipster Grooms!

The hipster man is a dude who generally is too cool for school in a good way. He is a bit retro, a bit vintage, a bit grunge, a bit casual, but very stylish. The hipster groom style is appropriate at a garden wedding, a wedding with a "hand-made" style or generally for the musos getting hitched. A bow tie, a vest and a casual shoe, such as converse, is the general rule, but more than anything the hipster groom is about being yourself on the day.

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