Sunday, March 13, 2011

Amy Kate and Hallam Inspiration Board

Amy Kate and Hallam are a super lovely who are giving Topsie and Susie a chance to help them out with their planning. They are looking at getting married in March 2012 and when discussing styles, the key words they talked about were burnt organges, reds, australian native flowers and a hand made feel that wasnt too vintagey. This is what we came up with. We hope that this helps them even if it helps them to decide what they dont want.

Amy Kate and Hallam have started a blog for their wedding to keep everyone up to date with their plans. Follow them at
We're really looking forward to helping them progess through this both stressful and exciting time.

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  1. Looking at this inspiration board again tonight and at it's full size it has INSPIRED me seriously. I love it tremendously. Also, I came across these today which are part of actually on the board.