Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pennies or Pounds

My sister and I have been wearing mascara from around age eleven. We both have fair lashes and when asked what we would take to a desert island with us, the number one response will always be mascara. Because of this we have tried a thousand different brands and had a thousand different results.

These are our pennies and pounds picks.

Chanel’s Exceptionnel de Chanel intense volume and curl mascara is by far the best. What can I say, when mascara comes with it’s own instructions it’s got to be good. That may make it sound hard to use, but it’s not, if you follow said instructions the results are truly exceptional. It’s all about the brush. The Chanel brush has six different sides, alternating between the classic mascara brush of three different lengths and three silicone combs. $41.50

My pennies pick is Covergirls Lash Blast. It’s brush has heaps of little silicone bristle and is quite thick making application fast, easy and really effective. The mascara itself is long lasting and still looks great at the end of the day. $15.95

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