Sunday, August 22, 2010

No one likes a stinky bride

There are many things we do every day to make ourselves feel beautiful.

We think about the way we look on our wedding day, but how often do we think about how we are going to smell on our wedding day?

Picking a perfume for the big day could be a tricksy business. You could choose to go with something new, because it’s a great excuse to go shopping or get that one you’ve been thinking about for a while. Or you could go for something that is classically you. Either way there are a few tips to make sure that sent lasts all day.

First of all when you’re buying perfume you should know what the difference is between perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette and eau de cologne. The basic difference is the concentration of the aromatic oils and compounds each contains and the lower the concentration the shorter the scent life.

Another great trick which Topsie did for her wedding, is to layer the scent. There are often great gift packs around that include a body wash and body lotion as well as the spray. Using these in conjunction with each other will intensify the smell and increase it’s longevity.

If there is a perfume you’ve been wanting to buy for a long time, but still feel a bit guilty because you already have one or more, here’s a great excuse! On you can get amazing bargains. And no one can argue with a bargain! As an example:

Chanel Chance Toilette 50mls retails for over $150, and on StawberryNet you can purchase 100ml Parfum for $146. So double the amount and strength for $4 cheaper and postage is free! I vote yes to that.

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