Sunday, August 15, 2010

Election Day Birthday Bash

Susie here.
For the last couple of years I've not made a big deal out of my birthdays. Mostly because they haven't been significant numbers. But this year I've decided to make somewhat of a deal about it. Mostly so I can decorate. It's going to be on Saturday, which is also the all important Election Day, and is themed accordingly. I've made the below inspiration board to give Topsie and I something to work off.

Once the party is all happening we'll get back to you with a couple of images on how we turned this into a real life event.

As a hilarious side note... When I told our Mum that I was having an Election Party, she misheard this for an Erection Party. When I corrected her she returned with "with you either could have been possible"!!! 

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