Thursday, February 10, 2011

Amy and Ollie's Pre Wedding Shoot 'em Up

Welcome to part one of Amy and Ollie's wedding, the couple with the over 8,000 kilometres between their home towns, nearly 9,000 kilometres between their current home and their wedding and about 40cms different in height.

Amy and Ollie met in the UK where they were studying at University and living next door to each other at college. After finishing Uni, as Ollie is French Canadian and Amy is Chinese, and English being their second language, and rather than learning a third, they chose Australia as their new home. After living in Sydney for a year, they decided it was time to get their wedding on. They chose to have a traditional wedding in China, but to bring some of their life here to that wedding, by having a pre-wedding photo shoot. Amy had 4 dress changes and Ollie 2, and having a full day were able to be captured in some of Sydney's most beautiful and recognisable places. These photo's were printed and hung at their wedding as well as used in a slide show at their wedding in China, giving everyone a glimpse into their life so far away.  Stay tuned for part II of Amy and Ollie's story.   

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